The Busted Bean-Neighborhood Café at its Finest!

30 Aug

Neighborhood coffee houses and cafes have been popping up everywhere over the last ten years. It truly is a great concept that provides a community with convenience and great tasting food close to home. The Busted Bean located at 921 Village Rd. Lancaster, PA 17602 is no stranger to this concept. Formerly Simmons Bakery, the shop itself is open and sunny with traditional restaurant seating and a comfy living area equipped with a sofa and a flat screen TV for a quick look at the local news or your favorite sports channel while enjoying your coffee of choice. On those days where you just want to be outside, outdoor seating is available on the patio.

The Busted Bean is owned and operated by Corey Fogarty of the Fogarty Hospitality Group. They provide great locally roasted coffee, farm fresh local ingredients and delicious pastries made on site. The Bean also has various sandwiches, soups and salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner varying in cost up to $10, including a children’s menu. They can accommodate large parties as well as catering and take out options.

On our first visit, Brian and I were greeted warmly by the staff and immediately were invited to grab a cup of coffee for our tour of the kitchen. There are always three coffees available, regular roast, dark roast and decaf with all the fixings as well as soda, water, iced and hot tea. For the fancier coffee drinkers, there are lattes, cappuccino, and espresso available. On this particular day we were fortunate enough to have stumbled upon a visit by a bread maker and got to sample some artisan breads. The kitchen is large, bright and airy with everything a chef or baker would need for creating their culinary art. After the tour we were treated to enjoy several Busted Bean specialties along with some delicious pastries.

Simply Busted Breakfast Sandwich- Bagel, 2 eggs, Kings Bacon, ham and sharp aged cheddar. This sandwich also can be served with your choice of bread and or meats. This was the perfect breakfast sandwich, it had all the elements; fluffy scrambled eggs, high quality local meats from King’s butcher and melted aged sharp cheddar all placed together on a NY style bagel. Warm and soft textures combined with crispy bacon and ham with every bite, then finish with the beautiful fresh fruit arrangement, make for an excellent starter to the day.

The Simple Pig-Shaved honey baked ham, Baby Swiss tomato peppadew jam and crunchy slaw on house made foccia bread. We waited for the foccia to be made for this sandwich and for good reason. The thinly sliced ham melded with melted baby Swiss like its own sauce and on the end a sweet and sour dose of peppadew jam enveloped in warm freshly baked foccia. The slaw added a nice crunch along with the crisp outer layer of the bread; every now and again a piece of baked rosemary from the foccia sneaks in for an added extra flavor.

The Busted BLT-Kings bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, on whole wheat bread.

Simple. Cool lettuce and tomato, hot and salty King’s bacon with mayo and toasted wheat bread. Awesome!

The Busted Bounty- Lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, carrots topped with pesto chicken salad and foccia sticks.


Lemon Bars


We had an overall great experience at The Busted Bean. The staff was great (especially with us flying around the place with a camera) and all the food was delicious! The highlight was a toss up between getting to have a sandwich made from fresh, right out of the oven foccia bread and the amazing King’s bacon which alone or on a sandwich is to die for. The menu is simple but flavorful, keeping all the elements of a true coffee house/café in place with the added bonus of a bakery and pastry shop. It’s great for on the go or just bringing the family for a casual breakfast or lunch. So skip the Starbucks and head to The Busted Bean your taste buds and your wallet will thank you for it!

One Response to “The Busted Bean-Neighborhood Café at its Finest!”

  1. John Torres September 1, 2012 at 9:55 am #

    Home made bread, local bacon, and great coffee, what else can anyone ask for?!?! :-)

    May have to extend our visit to Lancaster to visit all this incredible places that you have blogged about! Thanks!

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